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El período base para el índice CNX Nifty es el 3 de noviembre deque marcó la finalización de un año de operaciones del Segmento de Mercado de Valores de la Bolsa Nacional. Bibliografía: Dacal, D. Opinión digital. Buscar Buscar. Cerrar sugerencias. Iniciar sesión. In ogni analisi è sono presenti un grafico interattivo, i segnali operativi dati dagli indicatori e un esame automatico del trend. A supporto dell'investitore, tutti questi segnali sono da intendersi come puramente indicativi e non come stimolo all'investimento. Subject: Paedophilia, the Internet and education. Subject: Croatian oil and damage to the environment. Subject: The value of oxo-biodegradable plastic. Subject: Results of the referendum in Switzerland.

Software para trading deportivo gratis Swiss end to immigration from the EU. Subject: Swiss referendum on immigration and EU-Switzerland agreement on the free movement of persons. Subject: Algerian military transport plane crashes. Subject: Cerco lavoro a domicilio perugia site on the bank of the Inganno stream. Subject: Ageing society in Poland and Europe. Subject: Restrictions on entrepreneurship in Poland. Stassen to the Commission. Subject: Consequences of severe weather conditions for farmers in Brittany. Subject: Freedom of information at risk in Pakistan.

De manière plus générale, la stratégie de l'UE dans le domaine de l'adaptation adoptée en vise à promouvoir une Europe plus résiliente face au changement climatique, en encourageant les actions au niveau national, une prise de décision mieux informée, ainsi qu'une plus grande résilience face au changement climatique dans les secteurs vulnérables. The European institutions in fact present a high-level performance, above the average for Member States, in terms of the fight against corruption.

Subject: Update — Crisis in the brandy sector. Subject: Report on anti-corruption measures in Europe and European institutions. Subject: Fiscal compact and the EU's legal framework. Subject: Legal conditions applying to the purchase of agricultural and forestry land in Member States. Subject: Legal recognition of family caregivers. Subject: Suspicion that blocking of Italian wine consignments in Germany breaches rules. Subject: Russian blackmail regarding pork embargo. Subject: Isolationist tendencies in Switzerland. Subject: Urban waste incineration in the Azores.

Subject: Access to interpreting services in first-line healthcare. Subject: Human rights monitoring in Pakistan. Subject: Availability of funding for a multi-sports centre for persons with a disability. Subject: Modernisation of the energy supply system at the Sports Centre affiliated to the University of Pisa. Subject: Adjustment and updating of energy systems in medium to large companies and public bodies: possible funding. Subject: Research and development for new innovative technologies and prototypes intended principally for passenger transport — possible funding. Subject: Compensation following dental work in Germany. Subject: NER and the proposed innovation fund. Subject: Teenage suicide in Cittadella Padua : cerco lavoro a domicilio perugia Ask. Subject: Update — Measures to support young people in the South in taking out loans.

Subject: Economic crisis, unemployment and ageing of the population. Subject: Dispersal of hospital and sanitary waste: environmental and cerco lavoro a domicilio perugia emergency in the area around Malagrotta. Subject: Discrepancies between voting rights across the EU.

O curso pode ser acessado por pessoas empregadas por meio de um investimento, porém, apenas profissionais que trabalham em empresas clientes da Exact Sales, onde se utiliza o software Exact Spotter, podem realizar o investimento. U pogledu priprema za razdoblje

Subject: Structural reform of the EU banking sector. Subject: Medical treatment expenses incurred by pensioners living in a Member State other than their home country. Subject: Foot-dragging by the Spanish courts on environmental crime. Subject: Poland at risk of losing EU flood prevention funding. Subject: EU financial aid to repair extensive flood damage in Croatia. Subject: EU financial aid to repair serious damage caused by bad weather in Gorski Kotar.

Subject: Operating systems and consumer rights. Subject: Spanish Government's energy sector reforms. Subject: Commission employees supervising EU-Switzerland trade. Subject: Dismissal of cleaners by the Greek State. Subject: Proposal for a new regulation on mortgages. Subject: EU aid to Spain in the financial framework. Subject: Reinforcement of fundamental rights in Armenia. Subject: New biodegradable batteries for medical and scientific use. Subject: Risk that Turkey is becoming a tax haven.

Subject: Sale of counterfeit goods in Turkey. Subject: Entry and exit points of Italian counterfeit goods to and from Turkey. Subject: Turkish customs inefficient in combating counterfeiting. Subject: Where is Turkey obtaining counterfeit Italian products for import? Subject: Places in Turkey where counterfeit Italian products are being sold. Subject: Goods made in Italy which are most frequently counterfeited in Turkey. Subject: Export of counterfeit Italian goods from Turkey. Subject: Humanitarian assistance budget for the Central African Republic. Subject: Right of minorities in Serbia to education in their mother tongue. Subject: Measures regulating potential allergens. Subject: EU Structural Fund support and job relocation. Subject: EU Trade Descriptions Act, with reference to the clipping of audiovisual material by broadcasters. Subject: Levels of emigration and immigration within the EU. Subject: Potential conflicts of interest within the rotating Come evitare rischi e pericoli nel tading cfd of the Council. Subject: Problem of pre-bankruptcy settlements in Croatia. Subject: Syria's cultural heritage under threat. Subject: Diplomatic rapprochement between Beijing and Taipei.

Subject: New anti-cyberbullying app for smartphones. Subject: Learning disorders. New skills for school. Subject: Measures to counter opting out of education. Subject: Results of the 50th Munich Security Conference. Subject: Suspected boycotting of aid convoys in Syria. Subject: Crisis in the Central African Republic. However, the European Union has not yet ratified the document. As this area falls within shared competence, the Member States can only accede to the convention jointly with the European Union and not individually. The Commission considers that this Convention, that aims at reinforcing the rights of children and parents and certain other relatives having family ties to the child to maintain contact on a regular basis, has an important added value for the European Union and therefore proposed already in 4 the signature of the Convention by the Community.

Unfortunately, after 10 years of negotiations in the Software para trading deportivo gratis, the necessary unanimity between Member States for the adoption of the proposal could be not found, notwithstanding the flexibility shown by the Commission on a possible compromise aimed at taking into account the views of the Member States who were not ready to sign the Convention. As a consequence, the Commission decided in to withdraw the proposal 5. This decision was taken also on the basis of the consideration that the provisions under EU competence of the Contact concerning Children Convention are already covered by other EU and international instruments 6. The Ukrainian Parliament recently adopted changes to the law to restrict anti-government demonstrations. This law presents a significant risk as regards respect for the basic rights and human freedoms of Ukrainian citizens. It may significantly restrict freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, which is unacceptable in a modern, democratic society. Will these steps taken by the Ukrainian Parliament have an impact on relations between the European Union and Ukraine? The situation in Ukraine has evolved significantly since the question was submitted. Laws that restrict freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are unacceptable in a modern, democratic society.

The EU fully supports the efforts of the new Ukrainian Government to stabilise the situation and pursue constitutional and other reforms, as well as free, fair and transparent Presidential elections. An inclusive Government that reaches out to all Ukrainian regions and population groups to ensure full protection of national minorities is essential. It is a top priority to ensure the transparency of law-enforcement bodies and respect for human rights. Cases involving intimidation, torture, disappearances, and the inhumane or degrading treatment of peaceful demonstrators must be properly investigated. The EU is pursuing restrictive measures for persons identified as responsible for human rights violations or the misappropriation of State funds, as well as measures aimed at encouraging a de-escalation of the crisis in Crimea. The Ukrainian Government has reiterated its commitment to closer political association and economic integration with the EU. On 21 March, the political part of the Association Agreement with Ukraine was signed. Accession negotiations have recently officially begun between the European Union and Serbia. A negotiation framework has also been adopted. Challenging political debates between Serbia and the governments of all Member States, which have to act unanimously in all stages of the accession negotiations, will go on for several years. However, the country must address many demanding issues, such as the enforcement of the rule of law, democracy, respect for human rights and basic freedoms, as well as mutual relations with other countries.

Serbia expects accession negotiations to be concluded within five years. Accession negotiations between the EU and Serbia have been formally opened on 21 January with the first EU-Serbia inter-governmental conference, following the adoption of the negotiating framework by the Council in December There is no predefined timeframe for the accession negotiations. The own merits principle of each candidate country will continue to apply. The duration of accession negotiations will be defined primarily by Serbia's progress in fulfilling the benchmarks and addressing outstanding challenges in all areas of the EU acquis. As part of its official position on the accession negotiations, Serbia stated its ambition to finalise its preparations for membership by with a view to joining the EU by the beginning of the next financial perspective. It also emphasised that particular attention needed to be paid to the areas of agriculture and rural development, judiciary and fundamental rights, justice, freedom and security and financial control. Full compliance with the acquis in the field of the environment and climate change could be achieved only in the long term and would necessitate increased levels of investment.

In recent days in Egypt, there has been further violence and unrest. Anti-government protests and bombings have taken the lives of almost 50 people. Since the overthrow last year of Mohammed Morsi, government come guadagnare soldi in dubai a casa and violence has claimed more than 1 victims. These recent events in Egypt coincide with the third anniversary of the start of the revolution which overthrew the government of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Does the Commission plan on being active in any specific way in light of the recent events in Egypt? The EU is well aware of the situation in Egypt, and remains concerned about the continued political polarization and violence. The EU, and in particular the EU Delegation in Cairo, are following the developments closely on the ground, including the new legislation regarding the right to assembly and demonstration.

The EU continues to call for an inclusive process not excluding any political group respecting democratic principles and renouncing the use of violence in order to lead to deep and sustainable democracy. The High Representative has been several times travelling to Egypt talking to all sides, and the EU also continues to offer its good offices and will to talk to all sides.

The EU also intends to deploy an Election Observation Mission to exert a thorough scrutiny over the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, in order to assess their inclusive, transparent and credible development. The European Union has been rocked by a food scandal in recent days which has greatly unsettled European consumers. Consumer awareness is of utmost importance in this respect. However, the new European Commission draft which addresses this issue has faced criticism. The issue at hand is the origin of meat, about which consumers should be clearly and precisely informed. Yet the new system, laying down rules which should clearly and precisely determine the origin of meat, has its shortcomings. It provides for the compulsory indication of the Member State or third country of rearing and slaughter based on a minimum rearing period for each species so that animals have to spend the substantial part of their life in the country indicated as place of rearing. This regulation also provides for producers the option of replacing the indication of the place of rearing and of slaughter by the indication, as origin, of the Member state or third country where animals were born, reared and slaughtered when operators can prove it. Therefore, the Commission cannot agree that the adopted rules are unclear or misleading for the consumer. The new rules come out as a satisfactory compromise, and will provide consumers with enhanced transparency on the basis of common requirements for the whole Union while limiting the costs and administrative burden for both operators and authorities.

Moreover, the Member of the Commission responsible for Agriculture and Rural Development gives high importance to the Parliament's opinion and has committed to bring its Resolution on this matter adopted the 6 of February 14 to be debated in the Council as soon as possible. According to a recently published scientific study, the European Union has a bee shortage. Policies which the European Union is actively promoting are largely to blame for this shortage: specifically, the move into growing crops for biofuels. There is a growing need to pollinate an increasing number of plants in the EU and the bee population is not increasing proportionately to this need. Bees are also threatened by climate change, a deterioration of investimento crittografico oggi natural habitats and the spread of disease. Scientific data suggests that there is a shortage of approximately 7 billion bees in the European Union. What specific steps is the Commission planning to take to improve the situation of the insufficient bee population in the European Union?

The Commission would also mention the Conference for Better Bee Health 18 that will be held on 7 Aprilwhere main actions undertaken at EU level to support honeybees will be discussed. After a few years of little or no interaction with Cuba, members of the European Union have expressed a desire to launch a series of talks with the Cuban Government over an unspecified period of time to explore the potential for deepening their relationship. Bearing in mind the state of US-Cuba relations, as well as the human rights and political problems in the country, what does the High Representative expect to be a realistic scope for these talks? In other words, what are the potential significant gains to be achieved from a possible deepening of EU-Cuba relations? A bilateral agreement aims to strengthen the EU-Cuba relationship and provide a robust framework for constructive dialogue and improved cooperation. It would help to promote the EU's interests and values in Cuba and ensure continuity in EU policies, including support for the ongoing reform and modernisation process, promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms as well as the strengthening of software para trading deportivo gratis cooperation. Human rights continue to be at the core of the relationship.

Pacta sunt servanda. Il-Kummissjoni Ewropea tibqa' lesta biex tisma' l-proposti tal-awtoritajiet Svizzeri. Has the EU determined what the implications of the establishment of such regulations will be? The outcome of the Swiss popular vote of 9 February does not change the status quo of our existing agreements. Both the EU and Switzerland will investire in criptovaluta monero to honour their commitments and international obligations. The Swiss Federal Council has announced to adopt a concept paper on how it intends to implement the initiative before the summer.

The European Commission stands ready to listen to the Swiss authorities' proposals. It will, however, not negotiate quotas since these are contrary to the principle of free movement of persons. Last year, Burmese President Thein Sein made some positive statements regarding the release of prisoners and the end of detention of prisoners of conscience. Dr Tun Aung, a Muslim community leader, has been sentenced to 17 years imprisonment following riots between Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims in Maungdaw, a town in western Burma. It would appear Dr Aung actively tried to calm the crowd and played no part in the violence. What representations are being made regarding the continued detention of prisoners of conscience?

The transfer was in line with his request and came in response to the lobbying of international partners, including the EU. In his contacts with senior government officials, the EU Head of Delegation regularly raises the EU's concern over the situation in Rakhine state by underscoring the need for respect for human rights, rule of law, unherited humanitarian access and by advocating the release of prisoners of conscience. The EU intends to raise the situation of human rights defenders and prisoners of consciences, including the case of NGO workers detained in Rakhine state, with the Government at the first EU-Myanmar Human Rights Dialogue, which is scheduled to take place in mid The European health insurance card EHIC gives EU citizens visiting other Member States access to medical treatment under the same conditions and at the same cost which is free in some countries as people insured in that country.

Is the Commission aware, however, that visitors abroad are sometimes misdirected to private come guadagnare soldi attraverso online services and private hospital facilities which do not accept the EHIC? My constituents have highlighted instances in countries such as Spain and Greece of being taken to private facilities when they have sought medical assistance. This has included people being taken to private facilities further away than the local municipal health facility. Understandably, when urgent medical assistance is being sought, many people are unaware that they are being guided towards a private enterprise and that they could instead receive public hospital treatment. Is the Commission aware of such instances?

Il sostegno andrà anche ad una rete di cinema.

What steps has the Commission taken in health and consumer protection legislation to ensure nzb search engine german those admitted to hospitals are made aware of local public emergency health facilities which could be used? Hospitals are obliged to recognise the EHIC in such cases In the majority of cases, patients presenting the EHIC receive necessary care and are reimbursed without any problem. Whenever the Commission's guru degli investimenti in criptovaluta is drawn to a case where the EHIC has not been accepted, it investigates the issue with the authorities of the Member State concerned. Should the EHIC not be accepted, patients who were treated by public providers should keep all receipts for payment of treatment received. They can then apply for reimbursement to the competent health institution in either the Member State of stay or that which issued the EHIC. These institutions should give information to patients about their rights.

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The EHIC should be recognised and accepted wherever the terms to use it are met, unless the patient explicitly requests otherwise. The directive requires Member States to set up at least one National Contact Point which also provide information on patients' entitlements. Subiect: Intrarea în vigoare a Regulamentului UE nr. În conformitate cu articolul 1 alineatul 4 litera a din Regulamentul nr. The regulation thus introduces a system of visa reciprocity between the European Union and third countries. The deadline for the Member States to send the Commission a notification listing the third countries figuring in Annex II to the regulation which apply visa requirements for nationals of the Member State in question expired on 9 February In the light of the notifications received from the Member States, can the Commission say how many third countries listed in Annex II still apply visa requirements for one or more Member States? What steps is the Commission considering to remedy the situation? The publication of this information does not imply that the Commission recognises that all the notified cases indeed are covered by this provision. Further examination is needed, for instance with regard to cases where a third country does not impose a visa requirement for citizens of a certain Member State, but where the visa waiver for the citizens of this Member State is of a temporary nature while it is permanent for citizens of other Member States.

While the number of attacks on commercial vessels has greatly diminished over the last year, the problem has not gone away, particularly owing to continued instability affecting the Horn of Africa. The objective still being sought is to eliminate entirely attacks on commercial vessels off the Somali coast. What measures are being envisaged by the EEAS to step up cooperation between the countries belonging to the Contact Group? What further measures are being envisaged to eliminate entirely attacks on commercial vessels and hostage taking within this area? The Contact Group has been created in to deal with piracy off the Coast of Somalia and has been continuously in operation for five years. The first action the EU Presidency took was to organise a Strategy Meeting to review the functions and working modalities of the Contact Group and to increase regional involvement. The Contact Group must be cost-efficient, demand driven, focused and results-oriented and its structure must be calibrated to support those needs.

This WG brings together representatives from the navies, the shipping industry and seafarers organisations and will develop a specific Prevention Agenda to prevent pirate attacks on commercial vessels in the waters around the Horn of Africa. At the strategy Meeting it was also agreed to increase regional involvement, as well as the involvement from states from the Far East and Middle East. To this end a system of co-chairs has been posso investire nel mining di bitcoin for the WGs, broadening the involvement and ownership to states in the region. Betreft: Ford houdt verkeersovertredingen eigenaars bij. Op 9 januari berichtte De Standaard dat autoproducent Ford alle gemaakte verkeersovertredingen van Ford-eigenaars bijhoudt. Ford heeft deze informatie in handen, dankzij de in de wagen ingebouwde gps-systemen. Het bedrijf verklaart tevens momenteel niets te doen met deze informatie, maar wil deze in de toekomst wel toegankelijk maken voor geïnteresseerden. De data zouden dan verkocht worden aan partijen die zich bezighouden met verkeer, zoals de organisator van een evenement die parkeerruimte moet voorzien. Recentelijk stemde men in de Commissie industrie, onderzoek en energie over het eCallsysteem.

Het systeem zou in werking treden inen zou enkel gegevens doorgeven van het moment waarop het geactiveerd wordt. Deze richtlijn behandelt de bescherming van individuen bij het verwerken van persoonlijke data en bij de verspreiding hiervan. Is het mogelijk dat het bewaren van de gegevens door Ford zonder formele toestemming te vragen aan de eigenaren van de wagens in strijd is met deze wetgeving? Kan de burger juridische stappen ondernemen om de verkoop van zijn gegevens te verhinderen? Kan de Commissie stappen ondernemen en zodoende een voorstel doen waarin ze bepalingen oplegt aan de autofabrikanten met betrekking tot de verkoop van deze gegevens? De registratie door de fabrikant van alle verkeersovertredingen van eigenaars van een bepaald automerk en mogelijk verder gebruik van die gegevens, zoals bijvoorbeeld de verkoop ervan, geldt als verwerking van persoonsgegevens.

Persoonsgegevens moeten op eerlijke en rechtmatige wijze worden verwerkt, voor welbepaalde, uitdrukkelijk omschreven en gerechtvaardigde doeleinden, en mogen vervolgens niet worden verwerkt op een wijze die onverenigbaar is met die doeleinden doelbindingsbeginsel. De Quali sono i rischi che si corrono nel caso di utilizzo di opzioni call is van oordeel dat voor de verwerking van gegevens in het kader van deze vraag, de betrokkene op ondubbelzinnige wijze moet hebben ingestemd. Onverminderd de bevoegdheden van de Europese Commissie als hoedster van de Verdragen, vallen het toezicht op en de handhaving van de wetgeving inzake gegevensbescherming onder de bevoegdheid van de nationale autoriteiten, met name de toezichthoudende autoriteiten voor gegevensbescherming en de rechtbanken.

On 9 JanuaryDe Standaard newspaper reported that car manufacturer Ford keeps records on all traffic offences committed by owners of Fords. Ford has access to this information thanks to the GPS systems built into the vehicles. The company claims that at present it is not putting the information to any use, but that it intends to give parties who express interest access to it in future. The data would then be sold to parties that are concerned with traffic, such as organisers of events who need to provide car parking facilities. This system would enter into force inand would only pass on data pertaining to the moment at which it was activated. That directive deals with the protection of individuals when their personal data are processed and disseminated. Can the Commission take steps and thus make a proposal imposing requirements on vehicle manufacturers regarding the sale of such data? Keeping records on all traffic offences committed by owners of a specific car brand by the manufacturer and any further use of such data, as e. Personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully, collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not be further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes purpose limitation principle.

The Commission considers that for the processing of data at issue in this question the data subject must have unambiguously given his consent. Without prejudice to the powers of the European Commission as guardian of the Treaties, the supervision and enforcement of data protection legislation falls under the competence of national authorities, in particular data protection supervisory authorities, and courts. Il risultato shock di una ricerca realizzata dall'istituto Ipsos per conto dell'organizzazione Software para trading deportivo gratis the Children in occasione del Safer Internet Day dedicato dalla Commissione alla sensibilizzazione dei più giovani a un uso corretto e consapevole della rete, rileva la gravità di poloniex trade coin digitale situazione che rischia di rendere inutili gli sforzi educativi.

Secondo gli organizzatori della ricerca se un adulto accetta anche semplicemente di fare sexting con un minore, si sta comportando da adolescente tra gli adolescenti, assumendo una forma gravissima di deresponsabilizzazione. Non teme che internet, in assenza di regole, rappresenti un veicolo importante per la diffusione della pedofilia? Non pensa che debbano essere realizzate iniziative più efficaci per impedire che questo strumento di conoscenza diventi un mezzo diseducativo e deresponsabilizzante, non solo nei confronti dei minori, ma anche degli adulti che anziché tendere alla maturità ritornano infantilmente all'adolescenza? Opzioni binarie 101 considera che l'unica soluzione a questo stato di cose sia un corretto e rischi di negoziazione di criptovalute processo educativo? Tali reati comportano una pena di almeno un anno. Inoltre, la Commissione sovvenziona campagne educative. La direttiva impone agli Stati membri di prendere iniziative, mediante campagne di comunicazione e sensibilizzazione, programmi di istruzione e ricerca, di creare consapevolezza e ridurre il rischio che i minori possano cadere vittime di abusi e sfruttamento sessuale. Sensibilizzare è anche uno dei quattro obiettivi centrali dell'Alleanza mondiale contro l'abuso sessuale di minori online, un'iniziativa che riunisce i ministri degli Interni e commerciare il german ifo business climate release di giugno Giustizia di 52 paesi.

La Commissione sovvenziona, nell'ambito del programma «Internet più sicuro», una rete paneuropea di centri di Internet più sicuro 30 ; ciascuno di tali centri promuove a livello nazionale iniziative per sensibilizzare i minori, i genitori e gli insegnanti a saper affrontare i pericoli online, quali l'adescamento quali sono i rischi che si corrono nel caso di utilizzo di opzioni call linea o il «sexting 31 », e usare in modo responsabile le tecnologie online. Tali centri offrono anche consulenza tramite linee di soccorso. Infine, la Commissione sostiene numerosi progetti che sovvenzionano le attività di indagine legate allo sfruttamento sessuale dei minori via Internet delle organizzazioni nazionali e internazionali di contrasto.

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